Rouse Hill may get a dose of Vinegar

March 1, 2011 rnadmin 0

AN ADJUSTMENT of electoral boundaries to include land on the north side of Windsor Road in the Area 20 Precinct could force Rouse Hill residents to change their address.

Blacktown Council have proposed to name the new suburb Vinegar Hill and residents have 28 days to comment on the suggested name-change.

A council report stated plans for the precinct had already been publicly exhibited and that proposal would “eliminate the duplication of the Rouse Hill suburb across two local government areas”.

Blacktown councillor Alan Green did not expect residents affected by the change to be impressed.

He said many facilities, …

Rouse vs Vinegar an age-old dispute

March 1, 2011 rnadmin 0

“LOST and Found” may seem an odd title for a talk about a geological feature but when that feature is Vinegar Hill it makes sense.

As the site of a moving battle between Crown forces and 250 convicts led by Irish patriots in 1804, the location of Vinegar Hill has often been debated.

The Rouse Hill House and Farm curator, Fergus Clunie, will deliver a talk about the rebellion on the anniversary of the March 5 battle.

After the talk he will show visitors the area behind the property’s old schoolhouse which is now believed to be the actual Vinegar …

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