Fight to stop towers at Kellyville

ABOUT 150 residents attended a public meeting on Saturday to oppose the construction of a 25-storey building at Kellyville.

The Samantha Riley Residents Action Group are opposed to the rezoning of 301 Samantha Riley Drive, Kellyville.

A development proposal for five towers — with the tallest between 20 and 25 storeys — is proposed for the site which is opposite one- and two-storey residential homes.

The proposal shows a mix of residential apartments, commercial businesses and neighbourhood shops.

Kellyville resident Fred Warren said residents were concerned about an “unprecedented rush to push the rezoning through in the next few weeks, considering the rail line would not be finished before 2020”.

Mr Warren said that residents believed the state government was applying significant pressure on the council to quickly approve the rezoning proposal.

The proposal was revised, from 16 storeys to between 20 and 25 storeys, after the state government said the site’s proximity to the future rail link meant density could be increased.

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