Furry first aid courses to be held at Box Hill

First aid courses for our furry friends are growing in popularity.

About one in four pets could be saved if their owner had a knowledge of first aid, a survey of veterinarians showed.

It’s a statistic that proves that Pet Tech Australia’s Sarah McCoy is in the right job.

Ms McCoy runs pet first aid courses around the state.

‘‘You can’t dial an ambulance for your pet so you have to know how to get them to the vet alive,’’ Ms McCoy said.

‘‘You can’t save every pet but having the ability to save more of them is what we’re trying to do.’’

Courses cover any medical emergency you may face with an animal such as poisoning, choking, broken bones, snake bite, cane toad poisoning and mouth-to-mouth which Ms McCoy said despite the interest was one of the least used techniques.

And for people who may be adverse to the idea of giving their pooch mouth to mouth?

‘‘I ask people ‘would you let your dog lick your face’, and if they say no, I say ‘but would you do it if it saved their life’?’’

A pet first aid course will be held at Box Hill on August 5.

Details: pettech.net.au.